Nonprofit Social Media Managers can work wonders for your Nonprofit. #1 on this list is a great start! (Disclosure: I am not a social media manager).

Nonprofit Tech 2.0 Blog :: A Social Media Guide for Nonprofits

10resultionsIn the next few weeks I’ll be making recommendations of which tools and trends in technology nonprofits should prioritize in 2013, but for this year’s post on New Year’s resolutions I wanted to get back to basics. It’s so easy to get consumed with and exhausted by the intense volume of content and social media advice posted on the Social Web every day (every hour, every minute, every second) that we often neglect some of our basic needs that keep us mentally fresh and up to the challenge of trying to make the world a better place through social media, as well as some of the best practices that successful online communications are built upon. Thus, for 2013, please:

1) Ask for a raise.

Most people who work in the nonprofit sector do so out of a commitment to a cause or passion bigger than themselves or their desire for…

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